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Ig. Lorenz

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1887-1948, Ig. Lorenz, Kromeriz, Czech Republic.

Founder of the company was Ignac Lorenz (1849-1918).
In 1887 the Lorenz company was founded in Kromeriz, Morava, to produce agricultural machinery.
At that time Kromeriz (it was called Kromerlice then), he province of Morava (was called Mähren then) was a part of the Austrian Monarchy (Austria Hungary). Later this part of the world became a part of Czechoslowakia.
Ignac Lorenz was succeeded by Vladimir Lorenz (1877-1929) and later by another Ignac Lorenz (1883-1953).
In 1948, communism ruling, the company buildings and equipment were given to the neighbour company Pal-Magnetron, and engine production moved to the Motor Union company.

The company exported worldwide : to South Africa, Argentine, Germany ...
Over time, virtually every type of engine was produced : single and multi-cylinder, two-stroke, four-stroke, petrol, paraffin, diesel, small, big, in stationary or portable form.
Lorenz was very modern for its time, and produced all important engine parts itself, to very strict tolerances.
This vastly improved customer service, and was not at all common practice in those days.

A Lorenz engine is a quality product, and it is surprising how little wear most of the engines found show, although clearly showing sings of prolonged use.

After the war, Lorenz produced a few fairly weird engines : apparently they assembled wathever they found in the spare-parts store, wether it was for the same engine type or not.
So you can find a completely original engine consisting of quite early castings, but with the newer style carburettor.
Just to be warned : this is fully original Lorenz engineering (of the blacksmith type, of course).

With special thanks to :
 Vlastimil Sidak (Germany)