Wichterle - Kovarik (WIKOV)

1922-..., Wichterle & Kovarik a.s., Prostejov, Czechoslovakia.

In 1922 the companies Wichterle and Kovarik merged,
to become the company Wichterle-Kovarik (later shortened WIKOV).
In 1937 Wikov delivered the last passenger car of the 750 cars built during the 1920's and '30's.
They kept on building trucks until 1940.
 Communism ruling, the company was renamed Agrozet Prostejov after W.W.II.
 From then on the company was building agricultural machinery, which they are still doing today.

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 They became quite famous for the luxury cars they produced.

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In 1935 a quite daring streamlined prototype saw the light.
It was based on the Wikov 35.
The car never reached the production stage as its performance was somewhat disappointing,
the price was too high, and the market was not ready for it.

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Eventually also 1,5 ton lorries were built.

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 The original factory buildings still exist.

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With special thanks to :
 Andrei Bogomolov (Russia)
Vojtěch Sivák (Czech Republic)
Adolf Kuba (Czech Republic)
Fred Kuipers (Nederland)