(Updated 9 July 2000)
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You are now visiting Jan Deklerck, engine and tractors collector since 1976. My first engine was a 1935 two-cylinder Lister CS, in a rather sorry condition. Shortly thereafter followed by a 60HP Lanz threshing tractor.

Presently my collection is made up of a lot of things (too many : see the "for sale" page), mostly engines, a few tractors, and a complete veteran machine shop.

The threshing scene on this page shows a Leon Claeys (Belgian) hot bulb engine, the date is approximately 1935. The original engine owner is shown, and from him I bought the complete threshing set in the spring of 1999. The engine has been rallied a few times since then, in Belgium and the UK.

Tsjechie_small.jpgA "scrap iron journey" : at the Czech border, reorganizing the load : the front wheels of the jeep get out of touch with the ground. In the end it was necessary to load the front of the jeep with sacks of cement, to get everything home. On the trailer is, amongst others : a big Wichterle, 1912.
 werkplaats2_small.jpg werkplaats1_small.jpg

In 1998 everything was still under roof, but nowadays I seem to need lots of roof ...